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Ropes and Poles

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Lego Machines to Make Rope

Most pioneering projects (but by no means all ) use rope or cordage, so understanding how rope is made is a useful part of pioneering. There are some simple ways of making rope, but these Lego projects by Nico71 take ropemaking to another level. The... 4 months ago

Ropes and Poles Embroidered Badges Available Now

Following on from the vote earlier to choose a badge design ,I've had badges produced here in South Africa, and they are available for sale- by clicking the Paypal button on the top right of the page. I'm really happy with how the design came out,... 5 months ago

Suspended Tensegrity Cube by 1st Halfway House Scouts

Photo courtesy Shane Anderson 1st Halfway House , a Scout troop in Midrand, South Africa, recently built this tensegrity cube suspended between A-frames. The cube is supsended at 4 points- two underneath, and two at the top of the structure. Photos... 5 months ago

56m Suspension Bridge at Manjedal Activity Centre, Western Australia

Greg from West Australian Scout Pioneering wrote in with photos and a description of the awesome bridge, supported by A frames on each end and a raft in the centre. Here's Gregs description: Photo courtesy Greg Barbera Project : Build a Rope bridge... 6 months ago

Two-Tent Raft in Malta

Sean from Mosta Scout Group in Malta shared these photographs with me- of a raft sitting in this stunning location against the cliffs in the Mediterranean. Sean says: "With 100 lashings, 40 staves, 30 barrels and 10 Marine Ply, a massive Double... 7 months ago

Ropes and Pole Badges - Selected Design

Thanks to everyone who voted in my earlier poll to help me choose a badge design for the blog. As you can see below, the Hy-par pavilion was by far the most popular design. I have sent the badge off for quotes and will have news soon about where... 7 months ago

Bamboo Arches in Ghana- Haduwa Arts + Culture Institute

Photograph copyright Baerbel Mueller This bamboo stage pavilion was built for The Haduwa Arts and Culture Institute in Ghana by [applied] Foreign Affairs , an architecture lab at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna . A group of students built... 7 months ago

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