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Bottlecutter2.0: Making 'Rope' From Soft Drink Bottles

Image copyright Advocate Egerov From Russia, via Youtube, comes this technique for converting a PET soft drink bottle into a strong 'tape' that can be used for lashings. ??????? ?????? (Advocate Egerov) has two videos that explain how to build the... 1 month ago

'CatDrill' - Quick Pioneering With Pre-Drilled Poles and Light Synthetic Cord.

Catdrill 'lashing' details 'CatDrill' is an Italian technique for staving or lightweight pioneering , that involves preparing the staves to be used by drilling a small hole and notching the surface of the pole. Lightweight synthetic kernmantle rope... 2 months ago

Floating School in Lagos, Nigeria: Rafts in Architecture

Image courtesy of NLE via their Makoko Floating School press kit . Makoko is a floating slum neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria , built on stilts and rafts across the Lagos Lagoon. NLÉ is a Nigerian architecture firm who designed this floating school... 2 months ago

Skylon Tower Mk II- Suspended Tower by Bothasig Rover Crew

1st Bothasig Rover Crew previously built a suspended tower , which fell a little short of their own high expectations for it. Having conducted a thorough SWOT analysis of the construction, the crew headed out to Hawequas Scout Ranch to build an... 6 months ago

10 Years of Pioneering Projects

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the first post to this blog . Since that first post, I've met people from around the world, online and in person, and been reminded of how Scouting connects us together despite our difference Here are some... 6 months ago

Kontiki Raft Mass Calculator

Gauteng KonTiki is coming up next weekend, and the Gauteng Scout Water Activities Advisory Council , along with Puddle Pirates Rover Crew , has developed this Excel spreadsheet which helps calculate the mass of a raft, and ultimately calculate how... 11 months ago

Dissipate - Tensegrity Tower at AfrikaBurn 2015 Festival

Dissipate is a project being planned by a group of architects and engineers (including a few former Scouts) for the upcoming AfrikaBurn Burning Man regional event near Cape Town, South Africa. The tower consists of an hourglass tower with a... 1 year ago

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