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9m (30 Foot) Tower on the Tropic of Capricorn

1st Polokwane are a Scout troop in Polokwane, a South African city right on the Tropic of Capricorn. This 9m tower is a Springbok Scout construction project led by Courtney, one of their senior Scouts. These photographs show the construction... 3 days ago

Pioneering as Community Service: Permanent Bridge by 1st Blairgowrie

Today is Nelson Mandela's birthday. Over the last few years, South Africans have been encouraged to spend 67 minutes of the day serving the community - signifying the 67 years Mandela gave in service to the country. This post looks at a permanent... 1 week ago

"Roman Blind" Vertical Opening Gateway by Robin Hills

Robin Hills Scout Group built this sliding portcullis gateway for KonTiki 2014 . Robin Hills entered two teams, who placed 2nd and 3rd overall. The segmented door folds up out of the way when it's fully open, and slides down to cover the entrance... 1 month ago

Pioneering From Mosta Venture Crew, Malta

Sean from Mosta Venture Scout Unit in Malta shared these photographs of various projects, including a raft, a ferris wheel, a carousel and a suspended platform in a valley.The suspended camping platform was made using abseiling ropes and a small... 1 month ago

Scoutsorama Tower - Belgian Climbing Wall/Slide/Observation Tower

It's come up on Ropes and Poles before that being able to speak Flemish is a good way to improve your pioneering. This project showed up in my Facebook feed courtesy of Ploeg Technieken and I thought I'd share it with the English speaking Scouting... 1 month ago

'Green' Camp Gadgets- Recycled Planters and Plastic 'Rope'

There were several interesting gateways at KonTiki 2014 , and I'll post some more info about those in the coming weeks. Here are a few little gadgets from the campsite that won the camping side of the competition, 9th Benoni . First up are these... 1 month ago

Kontiki 2014 Videos

Hennie Hamman, the manager at Arrowe Park, has compiled three videos from hours of footage taken at KonTiki 2014 . Here they are- firstly, site preparation and raft construction, followed by the rafts seen by helicopter and from Arrowe Park, and... 2 months ago

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