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Pioneered T Rex Sculpture

Over the weekend, the East Rand Scout District in South Africa ran a public awareness day, where every group ran a public event to show that Scouting is flourishing in the community. Some groups held parades, some met in parks, some met outside... 3 days ago

Chain Reaction Record Changer-Overer

(This chain reaction device was published on the 26th of June 1952 in The Scout, in John Sweet's column on page 761) Patrol Leader R. Graves, of the 15th Prestwich Woodpigeon Patrol. has designed an automatic gramophone record changer- overer... 1 week ago

Kon-Tiki's Debt to B-P

(Many Scout rafting competitions were inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's 1947 Pacific raft expedition. This article, published in The Scout on 17 April 1952, reveals the link between the Kon-Tiki expedition and Scouting. Although Heyerdahl's theories of... 2 weeks ago

Early 20th Century Pioneering - Manual of Military Engineering

In Scouting For Boys , B-P refers to the Imperial War Office's 1905 Manual of Military Engineering for more information on Pioneering. 106 years later, that same manual is freely available online, and while some chapters are not really relevant to... 3 weeks ago

Western Cape Kontiki 2014

This weekend is a long weekend in South Africa, and the organizers of Western Cape Kontiki have taken advantage by extending the competition, giving the Scouts two nights on the water. I'll post photos if I come across any, but here are three... 1 month ago

Cloverleaf Lashing Video

Ploeg Technieken in Belgium originated the clover-leaf lashing . I've written before about using supporting jigs to hold the poles in place , but Ploeg Technieken have a YouTube channel that has this excellent video showing how it's done. The... 1 month ago

Arrowe Park Bridge by First Benoni Rovers

The Rover Crew of 1st Benoni Sea Scouts , the Puddle Pirates, built this bridge/gateway for the East Rand District BP Sunday Parade at Arrowe Park . It is modelled after the chapel at Arrowe Park, which is also the emblem of the East Rand District... 1 month ago

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