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Kontiki 2016 Roundup and Videos

KonTiki 2016 came to a close yesterday morning, after 60mm of unseasonal rain left the campsite waterlogged. The majority of rafts spent the night on the water, and the competition went ahead- congratulations to 1st Morningside who were all the... 2 months ago

KonTiki 2016: Saturday- Rafts and Land Activities

Saturday is the busiest day at KonTiki- rafts are completed, and after being checked for sea-worthiness, are launched and begin their competitions on the water. Meanwhile, on land, the Beaver Challenge competition has run for the Cubs and junior... 2 months ago

KonTiki 2016: Friday Night Raft Construction

KonTiki 2016 is under way, with most teams well into building their rafts. Here are some photos of then shorefront. Teams build three rafts deep in most places, and once ready tomorrow, will help each other launch. Experience Friday night... 2 months ago

Bottlecutter2.0: Making 'Rope' From Soft Drink Bottles

Image copyright Advocate Egerov From Russia, via Youtube, comes this technique for converting a PET soft drink bottle into a strong 'tape' that can be used for lashings. ??????? ?????? (Advocate Egerov) has two videos that explain how to build the... 4 months ago

'CatDrill' - Quick Pioneering With Pre-Drilled Poles and Light Synthetic Cord.

Catdrill 'lashing' details 'CatDrill' is an Italian technique for staving or lightweight pioneering , that involves preparing the staves to be used by drilling a small hole and notching the surface of the pole. Lightweight synthetic kernmantle rope... 4 months ago

Floating School in Lagos, Nigeria: Rafts in Architecture

Image courtesy of NLE via their Makoko Floating School press kit . Makoko is a floating slum neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria , built on stilts and rafts across the Lagos Lagoon. NLÉ is a Nigerian architecture firm who designed this floating school... 4 months ago

Skylon Tower Mk II- Suspended Tower by Bothasig Rover Crew

1st Bothasig Rover Crew previously built a suspended tower , which fell a little short of their own high expectations for it. Having conducted a thorough SWOT analysis of the construction, the crew headed out to Hawequas Scout Ranch to build an... 9 months ago

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