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Ropes and Poles

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Ropes and Poles Embroidered Badges Available Now

Following on from the vote earlier to choose a badge design ,I've had badges produced here in South Africa, and they are available for sale- by clicking the Paypal button on the top right of the page. I'm really happy with how the design came out,... 1 month ago

Suspended Tensegrity Cube by 1st Halfway House Scouts

Photo courtesy Shane Anderson 1st Halfway House , a Scout troop in Midrand, South Africa, recently built this tensegrity cube suspended between A-frames. The cube is supsended at 4 points- two underneath, and two at the top of the structure. Photos... 1 month ago

56m Suspension Bridge at Manjedal Activity Centre, Western Australia

Greg from West Australian Scout Pioneering wrote in with photos and a description of the awesome bridge, supported by A frames on each end and a raft in the centre. Here's Gregs description: Photo courtesy Greg Barbera Project : Build a Rope bridge... 1 month ago

Two-Tent Raft in Malta

Sean from Mosta Scout Group in Malta shared these photographs with me- of a raft sitting in this stunning location against the cliffs in the Mediterranean. Sean says: "With 100 lashings, 40 staves, 30 barrels and 10 Marine Ply, a massive Double... 2 months ago

Ropes and Pole Badges - Selected Design

Thanks to everyone who voted in my earlier poll to help me choose a badge design for the blog. As you can see below, the Hy-par pavilion was by far the most popular design. I have sent the badge off for quotes and will have news soon about where... 2 months ago

Bamboo Arches in Ghana- Haduwa Arts + Culture Institute

Photograph copyright Baerbel Mueller This bamboo stage pavilion was built for The Haduwa Arts and Culture Institute in Ghana by [applied] Foreign Affairs , an architecture lab at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna . A group of students built... 2 months ago

Vote for a Ropes and Poles Badge Design

I've been contemplating having badges made, which would be available for sale here on the blog. Some designs are shown above, featuring various projects from the blog archives , and I'd like your help choosing the first one to have embroidered... 3 months ago

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