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This Winter, Head to Florida and Improve Your Safety Readiness

Improve your council's safety readiness and spend a few days in the Florida Keys? Now that's a win-win. A pair of separate sessions this winter in Florida will help councils improve how they handle Wilderness First Aid instruction and Enterprise... 9 months ago

Challenge Yourself With Scouting Magazine's January-February 'Where Am I?' Contest

Brr! Grab a jacket and take a look at the picture above. Read through the clues and take a guess - you could be chosen as the winner of the Where Am I? Contest , earning you a $100 gift card to  or your local Scout shop. Important :... 9 months ago

Next in Line: Why Succession Planning Is a Must in Every Scouting Unit

There are two types of vacancies in adult leader positions in Scouting: expected and unexpected. But even the latter type of departure - perhaps a result of injury, illness or a Scouter moving away - can be taken in stride. That is, if you've... 9 months ago

Cub Scout Lets Hair Grow for Two Years, Donates It All to a Friend in Need

Sometimes a big Good Turn takes a little extra time. Just ask Tyler Boone. The 10-year-old Cub Scout from Pack 1510 of the Northeast Georgia Council let his hair grow out for two years. When it was long enough, he cut it all off to give to a... 9 months ago

10 Tremendous Scouting Resolutions for the New Year

Eat healthier, get more exercise and read more. We hear about the same old resolutions New Year after New Year. So I asked Scouting magazine readers for their BSA-focused resolutions for the new year. Here are 10 of my favorites. 1. Recruit more... 9 months ago

Thumbs Up: Vote BL as Your Favorite Magazine Cover of 2016

Vote for Boys' Life magazine's September 2016 cover in the American Society of Magazine Editors' Best Cover Contest. The eye-catching cover spotlights the Exploring program, which introduces young men and young women to a variety of career fields... 9 months ago

Eagle Scouts Remake Photo Taken 10 Years Earlier as Cub Scouts

In 2007, six Wolf Scouts from Indiana sat at a cafeteria table and took a photo together. In 2017, those same six Scouts - now all Eagles - gathered at the same table to remake that photo - silly poses and expressions included. The group formed as... 9 months ago

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