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BSA Announcement

You should view this announcement about gender identity by the BSA Chief Scout Executive today so you are keeping up with changes in the organization's processes - BSA video... 2 weeks ago

NSC Speaker

I've had the good fortune to learn from a lot of good men while volunteering in the Boy Scouts of America. They range from professional artists to scientists, some with a high school diploma and others with too many letters after their name to... 1 month ago

The Challenge Slope

I don't generally agree with the common statement regarding Scouting to "let them fail". I think what is meant when "fail" is used is actually "learn". Burning pancakes is not failing - it is learning the point at which they're ready to flip. Taking... 1 month ago

Scouting Emojis

A tiger den joined my Pen Pals program and included code for a tiger emoji in their name. I thought that was quite creative so I went looking for other emojis that might be useful, or at least fun. Fleur-de-lis = ? Lion = ? Bobcat = ? Tiger = ?... 2 weeks ago

Scout Jobs

Already tired of winter vacation? Bored with your current job? The week after Christmas is a great time to think about new opportunities. As a scout with lots of outdoors skills, leadership qualities, and interpersonal communications, there are... 1 month ago

Sharing the Fun

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WASPcam? . All opinions are 100% mine. Who takes pictures and records your outings? I have hundreds of photos that we've used in slide shows, web posts, ceremonies, and recruiting. It's fun to... 2 months ago

Trail Volunteer Law

The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act just became law! So? Well, it directs the USDA to significantly increase the role of volunteers in trail maintenance projects. That means more opportunities for scouts to step up and provide... 2 months ago

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