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Scramble - Be Flexible

The title is the Philmont Ranger motto, and the way of life for everyone associated with Philmont this season. Whether Philmont staff, youth participant, or volunteer adult, many people have had their summer plans turned on end by the closure of... 2 weeks ago

Game Over

In an official statement released today, the BSA and LDS announce a dissolution of their relationship. LDS will "discontinue its role as a chartered partner with BSA" effective at the end of 2019. A layperson's interpretation of that is "Game Over"... 2 months ago

Scouts BSA

Get ready to recruit youth of all genders. The BSA announced a new recruiting campaign to attract all youth. It's called "Scout Me In" and is aimed at reaching girls to join Cub Scouts. I don't think it's really so "historic" as the BSA news... 2 months ago

Alt Dot Philmont

Due to fire, many Philmont treks have been cancelled and the crew advisors contacted. In case you're still thinking of alternative adventures, or just to be aware for future treks, here's some other cool places to Scout around the country. Most of... 1 month ago

World Challenge Help

I think the 29th Burscough Scout group would be a fun bunch of scouts to visit some day! They have come up with an energetic request to contact other scouts around the world by making a video on Facebook. Watch It This scout group has an active FB... 2 months ago

Girl Gear

Leggings, Capris, Skorts, and Scarves - these are some of the new girl gear items coming to Scouting this year. With girls joining Cub Scouts, BSA National Supply has been making some clothing updates for the new scouts. You will probably be seeing... 2 months ago

Webelos Super Achiever

The new Webelos Super Achiever patches have arrived and are available now. did a great job on them and they look super! A hundred have already been shipped out to folks that pre-ordered them so they'll have them well before their Blue... 6 months ago

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