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Dishwashing and Hygiene

Lack of adequate Personal and Camp hygiene is a common problem on outings, and something that is easy to prevent. With a little education and effort, no one should get sick when out in the wilds. First, a few common problems encountered by... 1 month ago

Huge Holiday Give-Away

You can win $1400 in backpacking gear by entering this giveaway by Friday. The sponsors include a dozen brands like Sawyer, Black Diamond, and Patagonia that I'm sure you know well. Enter at this page and you just need to use an email and first... 1 month ago

Chief Ambassador - Bear Grylls

Well, this is big news! Bear Grylls has been appointed as the Chief Ambassador of the World Scout Movement. Very cool for Bear, eh? Not only that, he is the FIRST Chief Ambassador. I've not found much detail about the position yet, but it's a... 2 months ago

Super Jen

Jen is a friend of mine here in Minnesota. She is a super role model for scouts, and women interested in expanding their outdoor adventures. It is no wonder the BSA has done a Scout Me In video featuring her fun and positive persona! I have had the... 2 months ago

A Bootiful Day

Looks like it is going to be a perfect fall evening here for a fun Halloween. Our maple tree is bright orange, I have a bucket of candy - the good stuff - and my magic campfire is ready to light. I have "stuff" to change the flame color and make... 2 months ago

Philmont Lottery

Do you wanna go back to Philmont? Or, go for the first time? I have enjoyed the Philmont experience twice, once with each of my sons. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a trek. You have 1 month to get registered in the... 2 months ago

Extraordinary Eagle Circumstances

2019 will be a special year, actually an extraordinary year, for youth joining Scouts BSA. With girls joining starting February 1, some folks have been concerned that they won't have time to work their way up to the Eagle rank. Since there are... 3 months ago

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