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Solstice Activity

Today is the best day of the year for Astronomy merit badge and worst for Photography. :-) At 10:28am Central time today, the winter solstice occurs. For the next six months, we'll be getting more and more sunlight each day in the northern... 2 months ago

Super Achiever

Lots of people have been asking about the Webelos Super Achiever patch. It has never been an official national BSA award, so it fell to individual units or councils to create or adopt the award locally. It was available in a handful of various... 2 months ago

Eagle Scout Rox

If you ever find yourself wondering if it is worth the effort being a BSA volunteer - this should take away any doubt you have. Listening to this young man might be the best way you have to spend 10 minutes today. This is an interview with someone... 2 months ago

Webelos Super Achiever

The new Webelos Super Achiever patches have arrived and are available now. did a great job on them and they look super! A hundred have already been shipped out to folks that pre-ordered them so they'll have them well before their Blue... 2 months ago

Penpals and Postcards

Our Pen Pals program has about 1700 Scouting units signed up and scouts around the world are exchanging mail and electronic messages. A new Postcard Exchange has just been started. Scouts across the USA can collect postcards from scouts in every... 3 months ago

Any Gift Ideas?

I just gave away 3 gifts this morning in my Monthly Give-Away and I'm waiting for the winners to claim them. You could win at the end of this month - if you just enter! If you're looking for some gift ideas, here's a few to consider: Reusable... 3 months ago

Chief Scout on Girls in BSA

Plenty of rumors, speculations, and concerns about the changes we'll have in place starting next year. Rather than fretting and wondering, if you have a half hour to invest, Bryan Wendell reads questions from scouters across the country answered by... 3 months ago

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