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How to Build a Simple Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and engineer who drew elaborate contraptions which accomplished simple tasks. This article from TinkerLab gives step-by-step details for creating a unique Rube Goldberg machine. Follow the link below to read the... 3 weeks ago

How to Make a Simple Rainstick

Kix cereal has an article which gives step-by-step instructions to make a rainstick from an empty paper towel roll, aluminum foil, paper, plastic wrap, popcorn or dry beans, and tape. A rainstick is an instrument which sounds like rain when you... 4 weeks ago

Take Me Fishing: Places to Fish in Your Area has an interactive map which will help you to locate the places to fish closest to you. Just enter your zip code and then look at the map. If there is nothing available in your immediate area then zoom out to find the closest... 4 weeks ago

The USO's Tips for Sending a Care Package to Troops

Does your unit want to send a care package to our troops? The United Service Organizations (USO) has some tips to help you do this. This article will help you locate a USO center to get started and has some ideas for what to put in the perfect care... 1 month ago

The Parts of a Map Lesson

This short video from Leap Frog shows the different parts of a map including the compass rose, legend, and scale. It describes how these parts are used to read the map... 1 month ago

American Sign Language Translator

Hand Speak provides an American Sign Language Translator. Just type in a word and you will see a video of the sign for the word. Follow the link below to try it out... 1 month ago

The Parts of a Coin and Mint Marks

This article from Metals Wired includes simple explanations for obverse (heads), reverse (tails), field, relief, rim, edge, legend, motto, date, and mint marks. The definitions are simple and with coins in hand, any Scout should be able to use them... 1 month ago

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