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Issue 513 â€" January 3, 2017

________________________________________ Hi Andy, Any tips for a dad going on a Philmont trek? I know my son will have no problem this summer; it's me I'm worried about! Unfortunately, so far I've taken "Be Prepared" to the extreme and I've wound... 9 months ago

Issue 512 â€" December 27, 2016

________________________________________ Good Morning Andy, The charter- and JTE-year run from January 1st through December 31st but the actual, operational Scouting runs essentially from September through May (with a smattering of events plus... 9 months ago

Issue 511 â€" December 21, 2016

________________________________________ (I first wrote this story-it's a true one-in 2007. Today, nine years later, we have, in addition to long-time readers, a whole new generation of Scouters, Scouts, and parents reading. So it occurred to me... 9 months ago

Issue 510 â€" December 13, 2016

________________________________________ Several regular readers wrote to me about the pack finances problem Kevin, in the Longhorn Council, was having. Check these out (they may help you, too!)… Hi Andy, This is for Kevin. Start with a pack... 10 months ago

Issue 509 â€" December 6, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, About David Ball's question (your November 11th Issue) about adult support on outings, let me share something our Senior Patrol Leader and his ASPL did a couple of years ago… They were having... 10 months ago

Issue 507 â€" November 29, 2016

________________________________________ HOW WORDS CAN DIRECT-OR MISDIRECT-THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS The great semanticist, S.I. Hayakawa informs us that, "of all forms of symbolism, language is the most highly developed, most subtle, and most... 10 months ago

Issue 507 â€" November 15, 2016

________________________________________ (This should have posted automatically last Tuesday… Obviously, something went wrong. Please help out fellow Commissioner Paul Geissler ASAP, with my thanks!) The message and request below is from... 10 months ago

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