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How to Make Fun Raisin Racers at Your Pinewood Derby

Cub Scouting's Pinewood Derby is an exciting event! But sometimes, it can be a bit long for the younger siblings. Have the kids make Raisin Racers, a fun craft combined with a snack! The post How to Make Fun Raisin Racers at Your Pinewood Derby... 2 weeks ago

No More Lost Cub Scout Caps With Mabel's Labels

How many times has your Cub Scout misplaced his cap? How many water bottles have you purchased to replace lost ones? Easily keep up with all your Cub Scout gear by using Mabel's Labels! The post No More Lost Cub Scout Caps with Mabel's Labels... 3 weeks ago

25 Cub Scout Terms You Need to Know

The Cub Scout program has a vocabulary all its own! If your family is just starting out, you'll hear Cub Scout terms being tossed around at every den and pack meeting. This list of 25 terms will help you out as you become familiar with the program... 1 month ago

Top Five Reasons My Son Is a Cub Scout

"Why should my child be a Cub Scout?" Experiencing new things, developing character, setting goals, learning skills, and of course, being outdoors are the top five reasons why my son is a Cub Scout. The post Top Five Reasons My Son is a Cub Scout... 1 month ago

How to Make Recycled Raingutter Regatta Boats

Packs can have a simple Raingutter Regatta by turning it into a Recycled Raingutter Regatta! For this environmentally friendly activity, you don't need kits--just stuff from your recycling bin and a few supplies. The post How to Make Recycled... 1 month ago

Cub Scout Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!

Enter to win 11 cool stocking stuffers for outdoorsy kids and a Boy Scouts of America stocking! These are perfect for any kids who love being outdoors. The post Cub Scout Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! appeared first on Cub Scout Ideas ... 3 months ago

Easy Magic Trick for Cub Scouts

A magic trick can be hard for little Tiger Cub Scouts to do. Here's a super simple one for them to learn using nothing but a length of rope. The Tiger elective adventure, Curiosity, Intrigue and Magical Mysteries, has the boy learning a magic trick... 4 months ago

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