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Issue 496 – July 26, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, We held a Tenderfoot board of review last night for one of our newest Scouts. We had two committee members present. I had sent out an email to the committee last week, right after I'd conferenced... From Ask Andy 1 day ago

Can Packs, Troops, Teams or Crews Participate in Political Rallies?

The Boy Scouts of America might be the most patriotic organization in the U.S. But we don't endorse any one political party. You could say that rather than being pro-left or pro-right, the Boy Scouts of America is pro-America. The same applies to... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 days ago

American Hiking Society Has a Deal for 2016 High-Adventure Base Attendees

If your Summer of Scouting 2016 included (or will include) a trip to a BSA high-adventure base, you're pretty lucky. And not just because you experienced the adventure of a lifetime in New Mexico, Florida, Minnesota, Canada or West Virginia. The... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 6 days ago

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden Is an Eagle Scout

Brad Tilden runs his company like a real Eagle Scout. Makes sense, because the president and CEO of Alaska Airlines is a real Eagle Scout. In the viciously competitive airline industry, Tilden offers refreshing proof that nice guys can finish... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Join the Adventure Experience Team Today

We are still looking for great staff members in all program areas for the Jamboree. Especially in our Adventure Experience areas: wheeled sports, shooting sports, aquatic sports and aerial sports. One of the biggest misconceptions out there is... From Summit Blog 1 week ago

How Scouts, Explorers in North Texas Are Supporting Dallas Police

For decades, the Dallas-based Circle Ten Council and the Dallas Police Department have been partners in developing young people into responsible adults. Dallas Police Chief David Brown is a member of the council's board of directors, and 371 young... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Eagle Scout Offers Tips for Being Safe While Playing PokéMon GO

If you're not careful, the effort to catch all the Pokémon for your Pokédex could leave you with a Poké-compound fracture. That's why the Eagle Scout who made headlines last year with a campaign against texting while driving is back with... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Bus Service at the Jamboree Is Expanding

Your hiking boots just got a little happier. Thanks to feedback from staffers in 2013, next summer's Jamboree will feature a greatly expanded busing system. Here are the 11 planned routes for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree: Staff Support (staff... From Summit Blog 2 weeks ago

It's Time to Schedule an Appointment With Your Doctor!

If you're one of the lucky people that have already registered for the 2017 National Jamboree - keep an eye on your inbox! Very shortly, every registered staff member will receive the following message: That's an invitation to set your password for... From Summit Blog 2 weeks ago

Philmont Scout Ranch Plays Vital Role in Supporting Northern New Mexico

If not for Philmont Scout Ranch just down the road, "Cimarron would be a ghost town," says Judy LeDoux, mayor of this New Mexico village of 1,021 people. A new, fascinating story in the Albuquerque Journal  tells of the economic and social impact... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 2 weeks ago

One Year Away From the 2017 National Jamboree

In one short year from today, my Council will be on our way to a scouting experience of a lifetime… the 2017 National Jamboree !  You might think that's a long way off, but I remember thinking this same thing last July  â€¦and those past 12... From My Scout Stuff - A Scoutmaster's Blog 2 weeks ago

Issue 495 – July 12, 2016

________________________________________ Dear Andy, I think your advice to that granddad about uniform wearing (Issue 494 – July 5, 2016) was perfect. My 14-year-old Star Scout son didn't want to wear his uniform pants to a den meeting where he was... From Ask Andy 2 weeks ago

Five Myths About the 2017 National Jamboree, Debunked

With the 2017 National Jamboree a year away, many Scouts, Venturers and Scouters think they've missed their chance to attend this quintessential quadrennial Scouting event. But there's good news: The door to the jamboree is still very much open. In... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 2 weeks ago

There's a PokéMon GO PokéStop Outside BSA Headquarters - Where Else Have You Found One?

By now you've heard about Pokémon GO - the augmented-reality app for iPhone and Android that's encouraging people young and old to get outside and explore. Here are the basics: You download the app and head outside. Then you walk around an area... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 2 weeks ago

Our Eagle Scout President

As a Scouter, you're most likely more familiar with American history and civics than most people. You also probably know which U.S. president: was never elected to national office? was the only one from the state of Michigan? was the only one to... From Bobwhite's Blather 2 weeks ago

OA Foremen Teach Volunteer Staff Proper Trail-Building Techniques at Summit Bechtel Reserve

During Staff Training at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, OA Foremen taught volunteer staff proper trail-building techniques during a half-day service project building mountain bike trail for the New River Gorge National River. The Order of the Arrow... From Summit Blog 2 weeks ago

Issue 494 – July 5, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, I have a problem with my grandson, who's a Star rank Scout. I'm an "old timer"-been in Scouting as an adult since 1988-and still proud of my Scout uniform. My wife (his grandmother) and I pay for my... From Ask Andy 3 weeks ago

Family Feud Involving the Founder's Birthplace

HERE IS OUR "WHITE PAPER" ON THE SUBJECT OF OUR ANCESTRAL HOME AND THE GSUSA CHANGES TO THE BIRTHPLACE Hello Friends, In 1953, Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low's childhood home (the Birthplace) in Savannah, Ga. was sold to the Girl Scouts of the USA by... From Scouting News 3 weeks ago

A Message From Girl Scouts of the USA's Interim CEO, Sylvia Acevedo

Hello, Girl Scouts! As you may have heard, I was recently appointed interim CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), and I am thrilled to help during this time of transition. I am succeeding Anna Maria Chávez, who is departing GSUSA to pursue a... From Scouting News 4 weeks ago

Cub Scouts Study Meteors

Find out what your Cub Scout can do on National Meteor Watch Day to complete some requirements. Will they see some meteors? The post Cub Scouts Study Meteors appeared first on Cub Scout Ideas ... From Cub Scout Ideas 4 weeks ago

On Point: Boy Scouts of America, USA Archery Announce Partnership

Now this is a bull's-eye. Just in time for the 2016 Olympic Games, the Boy Scouts of America and USA Archery, the national governing body for the Olympic sport of archery, have announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing the awareness of youth... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 4 weeks ago

Jeff Segler Named BSA's National Artist, Following in Footsteps of Rockwell and Csatari

The story of Scouting has been told through campfire tales, physical and digital photo albums, and official Boy Scouts of America paintings. In history, only two men have created those official paintings: Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari. Now a... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 4 weeks ago

Get Your 2017 National Jamboree Questions Answered Live

From high-octane adventure to making lifelong friends, your Scouts and Venturers will be talking about the 2017 National Jamboree for years to come.  An event this memorable takes a lot of planning, which is why the experts are stepping in to help... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Exploring Coyote Gulch With Scouts

I've been asked all year if we are planning another trip to Goblin Valley this summer.  Remembering last year's experience , my answers were always vague and uncertain as I was contemplating the possibility of another option.  I really liked having... From My Scout Stuff - A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 month ago

Fishing the Summit Lives Up to Hype Whether You're Headed To...

Fishing the Summit lives up to hype Whether you're headed to jamboree next summer, or on any trip to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, you owe it to yourself to try a little fishing. And that's not just a load of hype... From Inside Boys' Life 1 month ago

Insight to a National Process

I have always been interested in how things work.  Be it mechanical or within an organization or a team.  I like seeing what is happening behind the scene.  Being asked to be part of a team is great.  So far, … Continue reading →... From Scouter Adam 1 month ago

Great American Campout

Enjoy the outdoors with your Cub Scout during the Great American Campout. Learn about the National Wildlife Federation's annual event. The post Great American Campout appeared first on Cub Scout Ideas ... From Cub Scout Ideas 1 month ago

Issue 492 – June 21, 2016

________________________________________ Hi, Andy, I have a question about the Camping National Outdoor Award that you probably have addressed before, and I'm not sure where else to go. I have done an internet search, but have not found a source to... From Ask Andy 1 month ago

Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award

The Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award recognizes packs that are active during the school's summer vacation. Boys can also earn an individual award. The post Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award appeared first on Cub Scout Ideas ... From Cub Scout Ideas 1 month ago

An Impressively High Number of U.S. Senators Are Eagle Scouts

You've heard it again and again: Eagle Scouts become sports heroes, astronauts, CEOs and high-ranking politicians. Now we have the numbers to prove just how many U.S. Senators - some of the country's most powerful politicians - earned Scouting's... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

A Father's Day Salute to Scouting Dads

Where would we be without our Scouting dads? They sacrifice time, money and precious vacation days for the betterment of packs, troops, teams, crews, posts and ships across the country and around the world. From 1992 to 2002 - my youth Scouting... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Thomas S. Monson Leadership Excellence Complex

Here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, Scouts have unforgettable adventures at the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR). Our site has become a pinnacle of the Scouting experience, with incredible outdoor programs and state-of-the art facilities that offer... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

\'The Scoutmaster' Turns 60: The Story Behind the Rockwell Classic

On its surface, Norman Rockwell's The Scoutmaster  painting depicts a satisfied and pensive adult leader peering into a fading campfire. The sun has set. The Scouts are asleep. All is quiet. But go a layer deeper, and there's more to  The... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Accept No Substitutes: On June 15, 1916, Woodrow Wilson Made the BSA Official

In 1916, the 6-year-old Boy Scouts of America faced increasing competition from other organizations - groups that wished to capitalize on the growing interest in all things Scouting generated by the BSA. These imitators,  Scouting magazine... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Youth Protection and Texting With Scouts

Waiting on that Scout to email or call you back? You could be waiting a long time. These days, three-fourths of teens have smartphones, and their favorite way to communicate is by texting, according to the latest research . If you're a Scout... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Scoutmaster Has Been Developing Future Leaders in Savannah for 35 Years

For more than three decades, Troop 210 has been developing future leaders in inner-city Savannah, Ga. Throughout it all, Herbert DeLoach Sr. has been there as a positive adult male role model to young men - many from single-parent households. For... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Five Ways to Keep Scouts Safe on Snapchat, Facebook and Whatever Else Teens Use

Just when you think you have social media figured out, something new comes along. Today's teens and tweens fill their home screens with Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, Yik Yak, Whisper, Tumblr and a dozen other apps I've never heard of... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

How to Earn the National Den Award

For delivering an outstanding, year-round Cub Scouting experience for your boys, you deserve an award. You deserve the National Den Award. The National Den Award recognizes dens that run a great program. You can earn it once in a 12-month period;... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

District Serving Manhattan Has a Rare All-Female Key 3

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO and BSA national president, has called on the movement  to continue to broaden and diversify our leadership. In the BSA district in the heart of the nation's most-visited city, that's already happening. In a... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Who Can Sign Off on Boy Scout Requirements?

It's a question every Scout will face: Once I finish requirements for merit badges and rank advancement, who signs off? Is it the Scoutmaster? The merit badge counselor? My senior patrol leader? Mom or Dad? The answer is all of the above. Or at... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

How These 2016 National Venturing Leadership Award Recipients Achieved Greenshirt Greatness

Spend five minutes with some Greenshirts and one thing becomes clear: The passion and enthusiasm among Venturers for this older-youth program is high. Venturers, unofficially known as Greenshirts because of the unique hue to their uniform shirts,... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Americans' Three Favorite Outdoor Activities Have One Thing in Common

Some surveys and studies surprise you. Others do not. Into the latter category goes a new survey from the National Recreation and Park Association that asked Americans to select their favorite summer outdoor activities. The top three - taking... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

How Would You Handle a Scout Who Is Consistently Late to Meetings?

Right when Troop 55 gets to the "mentally awake" section of the Scout Oath, the meeting room doors crash open. Everyone's head turns to see Colton is here. He's nearly 10 minutes late, as always. Something must be done to reverse this habit. But... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO and BSA President: 'It's a New Day in Scouting'

Randall Stephenson has a quote on his office wall from Eric Shinseki, the former secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. It reads: "If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less." Stephenson, the AT&T CEO who... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

What Are the BSA's Regions and Areas?

Some are pretty obvious: the Boston Minuteman Council is in the Northeast Region, the South Florida Council is in the Southern Region, the Mid-Iowa Council is Central and the San Francisco Bay Area Council is Western. Others are less so. Like,... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

The Road to 2017

14 months from now, 35,000 Scouts and Scouters will descend upon the Summit Bechtel Reserve for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. There is an incredible amount of work to be done between now and then, all of which will be driven forward by a team... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

#jambo2017: The Most Connected Jamboree Ever

You're on a "need to know" basis – and you need to know! During an event as complex as the National Scout Jamboree, it is essential that staff, participants and leaders have access to the most timely information. In 2017, a new team has been... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

Now's the Time to Sign Up!

Staff registration for the 2017 NSJ is open! July 14, 2017 may seem like a long ways away, but the next year will pass quickly – which makes today the perfect time to formalize your jamboree staff commitment by registering for jamboree staff. To... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

We Listened; We Learned

What you can expect from staffing the 2017 NSJ Staffers returning from the 2013 National Scout Jamboree agree that our inaugural event at the Summit Bechtel Reserve was an unqualified success – but as with all new endeavors, we learned there were... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

U.S. Naval Academy's Top Graduate Is an Eagle Scout, Former Venturing Officer

Eagle Scouts lead the way in business, on sports teams and at our nation's military academies. How fitting, then, that the man who led the graduates this year at the U.S. Naval Academy is an Eagle Scout. (Especially considering one in 10 midshipmen... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 month ago

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