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Philmont Photo Archive Now Includes Every Attendee Since 1976

Philmont's digital photo archive now stretches back to the year the United States celebrated its bicentennial, Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer and  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Yes, the Philmont Photo... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 19 hours ago

C 2 C - by Bike

Well, tomorrow his wheel hits the Pacific! My Eagle Scout son completes his Atlantic to Pacific solo bicycle ride from Boston, MA to Anacortes, WA. It has been fun following his progress from sea to sea, covering over 3800 miles, on his blog at... From Scoutmaster Musings 3 days ago

Can Packs, Troops, Teams or Crews Participate in Political Rallies?

The Boy Scouts of America might be the most patriotic organization in the U.S. But we don't endorse any one political party. You could say that rather than being pro-left or pro-right, the Boy Scouts of America is pro-America. The same applies to... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 3 days ago

American Hiking Society Has a Deal for 2016 High-Adventure Base Attendees

If your Summer of Scouting 2016 included (or will include) a trip to a BSA high-adventure base, you're pretty lucky. And not just because you experienced the adventure of a lifetime in New Mexico, Florida, Minnesota, Canada or West Virginia. The... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 4 days ago

Neil Armstrong's Success in Space Didn't Surprise His Fellow Boy Scouts

Neil Armstrong wasn't your typical Boy Scout. While the other boys in Troop 25 out of Sandusky, Ohio, were horsing around at meetings and campouts, "Neil was buckling down to learning things like the flag semaphore code and first aid," one of his... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 days ago

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Scouting's Future – Scoutmaster Podcast 324

In an often pessimistic world Scouting's future is inherently optimistic. Scouting is greater than a hedge against the perilous future, or a return to a storied past. We typically associate the future with technological advances. While technology... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 6 days ago

PokéMon Sightings Reported at Eagle Projects, Scout Camps, Council Offices

Pokémon GO trainers are finding Pokémon, PokéStops and gyms at Boy Scout summer camps, Eagle Scout service project sites and local Boy Scout council offices. The discovery brings this crazily popular virtual game into the real world of Scouting... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 6 days ago

The Original Philmont DVD

Now that the Scouts of Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68 have left on their trip to Philmont Scouts Ranch I have been thinking about my trips to the ranch, and the DVD I have in my collection known as The Philmont Documentary Collection. It is one of my... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

2016 Pool Safely Pledge: Take a Minute, Save a Life

At summer camps and water parks, in community centers and backyards, pool season is in full swing. That makes now an auspicious time to remind you about the ways you can keep your children, Scouts and Venturers safe when swimming. Today begins the... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Join the Adventure Experience Team Today

We are still looking for great staff members in all program areas for the Jamboree. Especially in our Adventure Experience areas: wheeled sports, shooting sports, aquatic sports and aerial sports. One of the biggest misconceptions out there is... From Summit Blog 1 week ago

So You've Been Bitten by a Venomous Snake? Here's What to Do.

Don't apply a tourniquet. Don't suck out the venom. And never, ever attempt to capture or kill the snake. When traveling in areas where you might encounter a venomous snake, knowing what to do is just as important as knowing what not to do. So... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago


Remember my last post? I went shopping at the local Scout Shop and bought several closeout items, some for actual use, and some for the collection. I left one item out of that article, the one that was rolled up in the tube. It was something I... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Eagle Scout Performs With Blue Angels

Navy Cmdr. Frank Weisser, an Eagle Scout, will rejoin the Blue Angels as a solo pilot. He'll perform with the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squadron as Blue Angel No. 6 - known as the "opposing solo pilot" - for the remainder of the 2016-2017... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

PokéMon Cars in the Pinewood Derby

Pokémon Cars in the Pinewood Derby Pokémon-themed pinewood derby cars are always popular. In pinewood derbies across the country, Cub Scouts are racing Pikachu, Turtwig and Charizard cars inspired by the Pokémon universe. Take a look at these... From Inside Boys' Life 1 week ago

How Scouts, Explorers in North Texas Are Supporting Dallas Police

For decades, the Dallas-based Circle Ten Council and the Dallas Police Department have been partners in developing young people into responsible adults. Dallas Police Chief David Brown is a member of the council's board of directors, and 371 young... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Trip to the Scout Shop

There are some days you just should not go to the local Scout Shop. If you want to save your money, that is. But than, you have to go if you want to get the closeout items, don't you? Remember the Christmas in July Sale? I went Tuesday night, and... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Eagle Scout Offers Tips for Being Safe While Playing PokéMon GO

If you're not careful, the effort to catch all the Pokémon for your Pokédex could leave you with a Poké-compound fracture. That's why the Eagle Scout who made headlines last year with a campaign against texting while driving is back with... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Bus Service at the Jamboree Is Expanding

Your hiking boots just got a little happier. Thanks to feedback from staffers in 2013, next summer's Jamboree will feature a greatly expanded busing system. Here are the 11 planned routes for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree: Staff Support (staff... From Summit Blog 1 week ago

It's Time to Schedule an Appointment With Your Doctor!

If you're one of the lucky people that have already registered for the 2017 National Jamboree - keep an eye on your inbox! Very shortly, every registered staff member will receive the following message: That's an invitation to set your password for... From Summit Blog 1 week ago

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Scouting Village Pieces

If you have been reading this blog for a few years you realize that I have been collecting the BSA Scouting Village pieces as they come out each year. After writing yesterday's article about the Christmas In July Sale, I thought I would check if... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Philmont Scout Ranch Plays Vital Role in Supporting Northern New Mexico

If not for Philmont Scout Ranch just down the road, "Cimarron would be a ghost town," says Judy LeDoux, mayor of this New Mexico village of 1,021 people. A new, fascinating story in the Albuquerque Journal  tells of the economic and social impact... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

The Philmont Trip Begins

The crew is on the way! The Scouts and advisors of Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68 left for their trip to Philmont Scout Ranch last night. Everyone seemed to be excited for the trip. They will have a great time. Hopefully, I will be getting a few photos... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

One Year Away From the 2017 National Jamboree

In one short year from today, my Council will be on our way to a scouting experience of a lifetime… the 2017 National Jamboree !  You might think that's a long way off, but I remember thinking this same thing last July  â€¦and those past 12... From My Scout Stuff - A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Christmas in July at the Scout Shop

There was an email last week from the Boy Scouts of America Online Catalog. They had a sale going on. It was the Christmas in July Sale! Well, that is what they were calling it. It was actually a closeout sale. Here is what the email stated: Think... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

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