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Wear Your Scout Neckerchief!

During my first visit to  Kandersteg International Scout Center  it was immediately apparent that Scouts the world over wear neckerchiefs, they wear them all the time, and they wear them with either the uniform or informal clothing. This... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

Talk About a Family Vacation. Sohil Doshi, a 10-Year-Old Webelos Scout From Pack 462 in Sunnyvale,...

Talk about a family vacation. Sohil Doshi, a 10-year-old Webelos Scout from Pack 462 in Sunnyvale, California, spent five days with his family this summer hiking in Markha Valley through the Himalayan region of India. The Markha Valley trek is one... From Inside Boys' Life 1 day ago

Age Limits for Merit Badge Classes

Andrea sent in this question: Can we talk about age requirements? Maybe this has been going on for a long time, maybe it is new. But my 12 year old 1st class scout is now starting to work on several merit badges in order to prepare for the next few... From Scouter Mom 1 day ago

Issue 451 – September 1, 2015

________________________________________ Hi Andy, I'm told that a Webelos II den will be ready to cross over right now, in September. Seems to me this is too early. They haven't even started their second year yet. Makes me wonder if the Den Leader... From Ask Andy 19 hours ago

Scoutmaster Podcast 282 – Process and Practice

What's the most important consideration; process or practice? In this week's podcast I'll answer email questions about the difference between processes that achieve our aims and practices that we adopt, young Scouts learning the patrol... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

Scouting Resources and Scout Support Groups

Jen sent in this question: I'm in a relationship with a man who is a Scout Leader and involved with Scouts at multiple levels. I'm looking for resources, or support groups, etc for "mom's" or spouses of Scouts. My kids were never involved with... From Scouter Mom 1 day ago

Ideas for Better Meetings

Hopefully you're rested up and ready to head back into another year of active Scouting. Along with it comes our monthly committee meetings – pack, troop, crew, district – there are lots of meetings we have to endure and survive! There... From Bobwhite's Blather 2 days ago


From Scouter Adam 2 days ago

B-P's Blog – Camping and Hiking

During his lifetime Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the worldwide Scouting movement, wrote many books and articles directed to Scouters. Each Sunday I'll publish a selection from his writings in the hope that you'll draw inspiration and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 3 days ago

35 Tasty Trail Mix Ingredients

35 ingredients to take your trail mix beyond just “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts.” There's nothing like a bag of trail mix on a hiking or backpacking trip. Originally called GORP, for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts," this mix of dried... From Inside Boys' Life 4 days ago

Bear Den Meeting Plan – Bear Claws: Pocketknife Safety and Soap Carving

This Bear den meeting plan covers most of the three requirements for the Bear Claws adventure. Bear Claws is all about pocketknives and whittling. After this plan, the Cub Scouts will need to carve an additional item. You could add a second meeting... From Scouter Mom 5 days ago

Jeff and Gracie

Check out my current location on the map. I ran into Jeff and Gracie the Amazing Hiking Dog on the trail. They were out doing trail maintenance and are Scouters from Charlottesville. We had a nice chat and walk, and he gave me a coke. Thanks for... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 days ago

Web Site Status

Fellow Scouters, After more than 50 years of participation in the Scouting Movement, I had to pull back from a lot of my activities due to health issues a couple of years ago. One of the casualties was this web site's blog. Although I have not been... From The NetCommish 5 days ago

Values Taught Here. Helmets Not Required.

Fall is approaching, and as the temperature goes down, the pigskins go up. Every Friday night at high schools and Saturday afternoons at colleges all across the country, players take to the field to see who can dominate a one-hundred-yard patch of... From Bobwhite's Blather 6 days ago

Knowledge to Action

There are those times as a Scoutmaster that leave you inspired.  The other night I had one of those moments as I began to share my Scoutmaster minute with the Troop.  Like most Troops, we have young men that make up the membership of the unit... From The Scoutmaster Minute 6 days ago

Make a Leather Patrol Flag

Make a leather patrol flag Show off your knot-tying skills with this flag for your patrol, den, pack or troop. WHAT YOU'LL NEED Two 8? long wooden poles (You can use poles that are 1 1?4? to 2? in diameter) 2? x 2? square of leather 40? of paracord... From Inside Boys' Life 6 days ago

Moose With the Juice Song

The song about the moose drinking his juice is a favorite for all ages. It works at a Boy Scout campfire or at a Cub Scout back to school program. This is one of those songs that has many variations. Feel free to add additional verses and motions... From Scouter Mom 6 days ago

Issue 450 – August 25, 2015

________________________________________ I tried jeans. Just once. I thought, well, as a Commissioner visiting one of the troops I serve, maybe I should look like the Scoutmaster and his assistants, and most of the Scouts. Big mistake. The first... From Ask Andy 1 week ago

Conduct, Character, and Scouting

Remember being young when the ground was constantly shifting under our feet? Remember wanting to be an adult but not wanting to be like the adults you knew? Remember how you wanted to change things?  What an energizing, exciting, challenging, and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 week ago

Knoxville Troop Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Knoxville troop celebrates 100th anniversary Happy 100th birthday, Troop 6! Founded on January 29, 1915,  Troop 6  of Knoxville, Tennessee, in the  Great Smoky Mountain Council , is the longest continuously-chartered troop in that council, and one... From Inside Boys' Life 1 week ago

Scoutmaster Podcast 281 – Parent and Scouter

Things can get tricky when you are both a Scouter and the parent of a Scout. In this week's podcast I'll answer email questions about occupying the role of parent and Scouter, how small troops work, and what qualifies as service for the ranks of... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 week ago

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