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How to Make a Simple Rainstick

Kix cereal has an article which gives step-by-step instructions to make a rainstick from an empty paper towel roll, aluminum foil, paper, plastic wrap, popcorn or dry beans, and tape. A rainstick is an instrument which sounds like rain when you... From Scouter Mom 4 weeks ago

Take Me Fishing: Places to Fish in Your Area has an interactive map which will help you to locate the places to fish closest to you. Just enter your zip code and then look at the map. If there is nothing available in your immediate area then zoom out to find the closest... From Scouter Mom 4 weeks ago

The USO's Tips for Sending a Care Package to Troops

Does your unit want to send a care package to our troops? The United Service Organizations (USO) has some tips to help you do this. This article will help you locate a USO center to get started and has some ideas for what to put in the perfect care... From Scouter Mom 1 month ago

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Pee Wee's Mini Derby

Avoid your opponents and collect all the stars in Pee Wee's Mini Derby Avoid your opponents and collect all the stars in this raucous racing game. Avoid your opponents and collect all the stars in... From Inside Boys' Life 1 month ago

KNOTS July Cartoon - Jamboree Weather Preparation

Jamboree Weather Preparation July 2017 Cafe Press Items Keywords: Diesslin, knots scout cartoon, snow, weather preparation, summer, west virginia, jambo, july, cold, hot Copyright - U.S. Scouting Service Project | Visit us at |... From U.S. Scouting Service Project 1 month ago

Thanks for Attending #2017Jambo

Putting on a Jamboree takes a ridiculous amount of work. With all the coordination of activities, discovery of staff and organization of participants, it is nothing short of a miracle that everything went so smoothly. To the over 30,000... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

Base Camp Charlie Leads the Way in World Friendship Fund Collection

Thanks to the generosity of the Scouts at the 2017 National Jamboree, more than $10,000 has been donated to the World Friendship Fund. Base Camp Charlie, which raised over $1,000, won the challenge to see which Base Camp could raise the most money... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

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Post Your Colors

Check out the July BSA promotional program! If you are on the net, you could win some very cool prizes including trips to the national high adventure bases down to a $50 ScoutStuff gift card. The contest is only going on through July so click here... From Scoutmaster Musings 2 months ago

Garden Ground Mountain Program

Jamboree participants who complete the 1,000-foot climb to the summit of the Summit will enjoy a new day-long program, the Jamboree Trek to Garden Ground Mountain. Each participating troop will be assigned an Order of the Arrow Trek Guide, who will... From Summit Blog 2 months ago

What's in the Kit?

By the time your bus rolls up to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, you'll be ready for 10 days of amazing adventure in West Virginia's beautiful New River Gorge National River area that is adjacent to the Summit Bechtel Reserve. But first, it'll be time... From Summit Blog 2 months ago

From Old to New: Sewing Kit

June 2017 Time to make: 1 hours Boys Life "Slide of the Month" Sept. 1965, page 64 Original design: Bill Poese So continuing with the old film can slides here is a simple sewing kit than can be very helpful out on the trail for sewing up a button... From Channeling Whittlin Jim 2 months ago

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