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MacGyver Patch

Last September, Boys' Life ran a MacGyver Challenge sweepstakes. Today, I received this photo of the patch from a participant in the contest. Doing a bit of research on the net, it looks like 1,158 people entered so all of them should have gotten a... From Scoutmaster Musings 1 week ago


Following up on my post from yesterday about Boy Scout projects, here is a fun one for Cub Scouts. There are around 20,000 species of bees worldwide and they are very important for the pollination of plants. Since WWII, bee populations have been... From Scoutmaster Musings 1 week ago

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Cow Horn Indian Chief

January 2017 Time to carve: 3.5 hours Finishing: 2 hour A very tough slide to make as carving cow horn is very hard. First step was to cut the bonnet and expand the horn. The original article called for the horn to be boiled until the it was... From Channeling Whittlin Jim 3 days ago

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Messengers of Peace Day of Service

At the 2017 National Jamboree each Scout will participate in a program activity called Messengers of Peace Day of Service (MOPDOS). MOPDOS is an opportunity for each Scout to make a meaningful impact on the lives of residents in the 9 counties that... From Summit Blog 2 weeks ago

Bringing Science to the Summit: NOVA Award Available at Jamboree

The jamboree will be full of opportunities to exercise a Scout's body and to challenge themselves physically. But did you know that there will be opportunities to challenge your mental capacity as well? Those with interest in a mental challenge... From Summit Blog 2 weeks ago

Transportation to Jamboree

Jamboree is coming soon! Patch trading, zip lining, rock climbing, swimming and more. However, before everyone can enjoy their time at the Jamboree, they need to get there first. Transportation to the 2017 National Jamboree is designed to be as... From Summit Blog 1 month ago

Scouting Emojis

A tiger den joined my Pen Pals program and included code for a tiger emoji in their name. I thought that was quite creative so I went looking for other emojis that might be useful, or at least fun. Fleur-de-lis = ? Lion = ? Bobcat = ? Tiger = ?... From Scoutmaster Musings 1 month ago

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