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Scouting for the Long Haul

Endurance When Baden-Powell wrote Scouting for Boys, he heavily emphasized that one of the attributes Scouts should strive for is endurance: A Scout saying is "Never say die till you're dead"- and if he acts up to this, it will pull him out of many... From Scouting Rediscovered 7 hours ago

Tiger Elective Adventure Requirements: Family Stories

[cs2015] Family Stories is one of the Tiger elective adventures.  In the current Tiger Cub program, it is most similar to  Tiger Achievement 1 – Making My Family Special and the Heritages Belt Loop and Pin . For this adventure, Tiger Cubs and... From Scouter Mom 13 hours ago


You gotta have a cake! I am more interested in the bigger ideas of Scouting rather than writing about my own Troop or my individual experiences. Bear with me today as I share what's been going on recently. Short of two years ago I... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 14 hours ago

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Art Explosion

[cs2015] Art Explosion is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures.  In the current Webelos Cub Scout program, it is most similar to the  Artist activity badge  and the  Art belt loop and pin  . For the Art Explosion adventure,... From Scouter Mom 15 hours ago

Steering Young People From Violence

Protecting young people from violence – especially gun violence – is a tough job in many communities. Statistics provided by the Children's Defense Fund in its 2014 "State of America's Children" report paint a troubling picture of gun violence in... From Chief's Corner 16 hours ago

Philmont's Famous Dinosaur

Bob and I had a quick discussion about what we would do that Wednesday afternoon in June. We were at the Philmont Training Center and trying to plan our afternoon activity since there were no classes to attend. Philmont offered several options. I... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 16 hours ago

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Scoutmaster Podcast 231

Sponsored By Backers What kind of an internal standard is the aim of our work? I answer email questions about positions of responsibility and other subjects , plus (of course) your messages in the mailbag! Listen to Scoutmaster... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

Scooby Doo Game Review

Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: Adventure game review Scooby-Doo is a lovable, legendary Warner Bros. character. But there's hasn't been a game featuring the awesome dog in nearly four years. He must've felt neglected! SCOOBY DOO... From Inside Boys' Life 1 day ago

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Aquanaut

[cs2015] Aquanaut is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures.  In the current Webelos Cub Scout program, it is most similar to the  Aquanaut activity badge  and the  Swimming belt loop and pin  . For the Aquanaut  adventure,... From Scouter Mom 1 day ago

Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: A World of Sound

[cs2015] A World of Sound is one of the Bear elective adventures.  In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to  Bear Elective 8 – Cub Scout Band  . For the A World of Sound adventure, Bears make musical instruments from around the... From Scouter Mom 1 day ago

Remembering Bear Skin

What do you think of when you hear the words "bear skin"? Is your first thought a bear skin rug? Maybe a sporting game between the Bears and the Redskins? Maybe a sunburn after sitting with bare skin in the sun too long? One of the things I think... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 day ago

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No More, No Less

What if a high school math teacher decided that during her geometry class she would start teaching her students about calculus? What if questions about calculus appeared on the course midterm or final exam? In the first instance, the teacher could... From Bobwhite's Blather 1 day ago

B.P.'s Blog – Overseas Scouts

During his lifetime Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the worldwide Scouting movement, wrote many books and articles directed to Scouters. Each Sunday I'll publish a selection from his writings in the hope that you'll draw inspiration and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 2 days ago

Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Air of the Wolf

[cs2015] Air of the Wolf is one of the Wolf Cub Scout elective adventures. In the current Wolf Cub Scout program it is similar to  Wolf Elective 5 – Spare Time Fun . For this adventure, Wolves learn about activities which can be done using air... From Scouter Mom 2 days ago

Cycling Eagle Scouts Are About Halfway Across the Country

It's an honor to keep everybody up to date on the epic  Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America bike trek, which is taking a group of Eagle Scouts all the way from San Francisco to Virginia … on their bikes. The group recently passed through Newton,... From Inside Boys' Life 2 days ago

...and 1 other from Inside Boys' Life.

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