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B.P.'s Blog – Where Drill Fails

During his lifetime Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the worldwide Scouting movement, wrote many books and articles directed to Scouters. Each Sunday I'll publish a selection from his writings in the hope that you'll draw inspiration and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

Preparing for Next Year's Journey – Packs

The Journey to Excellence quality-check program has been with us for a few years now, and we have become accustomed to minor tweaks from year to year. For 2015, however, the changes are a bit more sweeping, though nearly all active units will be... From Bobwhite's Blather 4 hours ago

...and 4 others from Inside Boys' Life.

Boy Scouting: Rocketman Build an Adventure

It's that time of year when Boy Scout roundups are taking place all across the country.  In the days of shareable social media that Boy Scouts of American has caught on and is producing and publishing media projects to help with recruitment.  This... From Scouting News 2 days ago

American Monsters

Fact or fiction? Hoax or human? Here's a guide to some of America's own monsters. You might have heard of the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland and the abominable snowman of the Himalayas, but the U.S. also has its own share of "monsters." Here are... From Inside Boys' Life 2 days ago

...and 4 others from Inside Boys' Life.

Outdoor Knowledge

What we know and learn about the outdoors is not only great for our recreation; it can make a huge difference in how we preserve these natural resources for the future. Recent incidents are discouraging.  In early August, a tourist crashed a drone... From Chief's Corner 2 days ago

What's Your Favorite Magazine? (Well, Duh.)

What's Your Favorite Magazine? (Well, duh.) The good folks over at Adweek are asking readers to vote for their favorite magazine. For us, the choice is obvious. Under the category of "Hottest Kids/Teen Magazine" you'll find a little old magazine... From Inside Boys' Life 3 days ago

...and 2 others from Inside Boys' Life.

Alumni Relations

Did you have a family reunion this summer? What about your Scouting family? When a scout finishes his time with a troop, that is all too often the end of his Scouting experience. He's off to college or work, and no longer has time for Scouting... From Scoutmaster Musings 3 days ago

Flap Your Wings!

A Scout unit can be compared to a bird in flight. A healthy bird flies high, soaring with wings open and catching updrafts and downdrafts. It might dip a bit here and there, but it catches another thermal and continues to soar. A newborn bird flaps... From Bobwhite's Blather 3 days ago

Jeff's Scouting Blog

I recently learned of a new Scouting blog  authored by Jeff Freeman: So I've thought about a blog for a long time.  Either as a representative of my pack, or now of the troop I'm in.  Or even for my daughters Daisies. I've dabbled with twitter, but... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 4 days ago

Trucker's Hitch How-to Video Is Tons of Fun

Trucker's Hitch How-To Video Is Tons Of Fun We can't vouch for the accuracy of the instructions in this knot-tying video, but what it lacks it practicality it makes up for in silliness. From the makers of "What Does The Fox Say?" comes "Trucker's... From Inside Boys' Life 4 days ago

Fall Fun Rally 2014

In a couple of weeks, our crew is going to Fall Fun Rally . This annual event, which started 41 years ago in the Greater St. Louis Area Council, claims to be the largest annual gathering of Venturers and Explorers. Although this is a... From Scouter Mom 4 days ago

Lewis & Clark Council's Soles4Souls Shoe Drive

The results are in and are overwhelming! The support from the community and Scouting was spectacular! Not only did the Soles4Souls ( drive hit its goal of 25,000, but surpassed it and collected 33,127 pairs of shoes. The... From BSA Internal Communications Youtube Videos 4 days ago

Lucky? Not Really.

Saw this comment today: "He's got a bunch of older Scouts who run his troop for him, he's lucky!" Lucky? Not at all, that's how Scouting works. "He's got a bunch of older Scouts…" Yes, we have a bunch of older Scouts, when I think "older" I... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 4 days ago

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