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Storing Backpacks During Wintertime

Storing Backpacks During Wintertime Q. Hi, Gear Guy. What do you recommend when it comes to storing backpacks during wintertime? I want to store our new backpacks properly so they'll be in good condition for many years. - Mountain Mom, St. Paul,... From Inside Boys' Life 1 day ago

And I'm Going to Work My Ticket if I Can…

Those of us that have been to Wood Badge, and those that have been around to hear a group of Wood Badgers sing the Gilwell song have heard the refrain "and I'm going to work my ticket if I can.." What the heck does that mean? Well, there is not a... From The Scoutmaster Minute 1 day ago

Why One Troop in Illinois Is Sending 43 Scouts to the 2017 National Jamboree

When I got the email, I did a double take. Betsy Hough, committee chairwoman of Troop 48 out of Lake Forest, Ill., wrote that 43 Scouts from her troop - nearly half the troop's youth members - are registered for the 2017 National Jamboree at the... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 day ago

Vote for Boys' Life in the 2016 Adweek Readers' Choice Awards

What does  Boys' Life have in common with  Fast Company ,  The New Yorker and  Sports Illustrated ? All are high-quality magazines regularly singled out as the best in their class. The latest honor for  Boys' Life  is the magazine's nomination in... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 day ago

Pedro Meets the Chief

Pedro Meets the Chief When we set out to interview The Boss' boss, we knew of only one intrepid reporter up to the task. Unfortunately, that reporter was not available, so we had to settle for … Pedro the Mailburro. Please prepare yourselves as the... From Inside Boys' Life 2 days ago

An Outing of Bears

The Bears Den of Melrose Cub Scout Pack 68 had fun last weekend. They had their first overnight camping trip. It was held a couple miles south of Melrose in the backyard of one of the families. With a nice big backyard, and hiking trails nearby, it... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 2 days ago

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Oh my, it's fun to have all three of those critters part of the Cub Scouting program now. The kindergarten Lion program seems to have been 'in the works' forever since our council has been piloting it for a few years now. Pretty much every pack has... From Scoutmaster Musings 2 days ago

Scouter Who Completes 1 Millionth eLearning Module Will Win Free Philmont Conference Registration

Getting trained for your Scouting position is its own reward. But the Scouter who completes the 1 millionth module in the BSA Learn Center will get an additional reward: free registration for a conference at the Philmont Training Center - up to... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 2 days ago

Breaking News: Join the Boys' Life Team for the Coolest Job at the Jamboree

Did you hear the news? Whether you're a working journalist helping inform the public or simply a fan of the world's greatest magazine for boys, you are formally invited to join the Boys' Life team at the 2017 National Jamboree. Boys' Life is... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 3 days ago

Close the Back Door

There are two phrases that absolutely drive me up the wall, First is "Aging out" and the other is "Eagleing Out".  No where in Scouting are those two terms found.  These are terms founded by lazy leaders that do not understand the entire Scouting... From The Scoutmaster Minute 4 days ago

The Philmont Interview

Seven Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 had a blast at Philmont Scout Ranch this summer. The local newspaper was notified of the trip and decided that an article was in order. At last night's troop meeting we received a visit from Herman, the... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 4 days ago

Outdoor Ethics Training

These scouts are carefully screening food bits out of waste water before disposing of it. Are your scouts well versed in Outdoor Ethics? How would they dispose of this water and the food bits? I spent my weekend at scout camp on staff presenting a... From Scoutmaster Musings 4 days ago

The Age-Old Question: How Is Your Troop Organized Into Patrols?

In some troops, incoming Scouts form a new-Scout patrol. In others, new Scouts are integrated immediately into a patrol with older boys. There's no one-size-fits-all technique, but there are upsides and downsides to each approach. For this Tuesday... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 4 days ago

Hiking-N-Cycling Safety Vest

#ITLLEDVest Here's something that anyone doing the Hiking or Cycling merit badges might find useful, especially if you're putting in miles on multi-use trails or along roads with traffic. In the very dark night hours, cars have their headlights on... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 days ago

Court of Honor Recognizes 200 Refugee Scouts From 14 Countries

It's right there on the Statue of Liberty for all the world to see: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free … " But for Michael Nebeker and his fellow Scouting volunteers in Utah, those are more than just... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 days ago

2017 Journey to Excellence

It's rechartering time for just about everybody, and with it comes our annual self-evaluation, the Journey to Excellence. With us since 2011. this program allows units to assess how they are doing compared to how high-performing units operate. It's... From Bobwhite's Blather 5 days ago

The Rockwell Wall

Many Boy Scout councils use incentives during their Friends Of Scouting campaigns. During the last several years, our council has used special council strip patches to entice donors to give a little more. Each year's patch features a different... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 6 days ago

24 of the Greatest Toys of 2016

24 of the Greatest Toys of 2016 Play on! After hours and hours of testing, here are some of the latest and greatest from the toy world. WIN! Enter for a chance to win these toys in the Play On Giveaway. TINY FLIER The controls were sensitive and... From Inside Boys' Life 1 week ago

LSU QB Danny Etling, an Eagle Scout, Says Scouting Made Him a Better Football Player and Person

At first, Danny Etling didn't understand why his mom kept pushing him to stay in Scouting. Sure, he enjoyed camping and earning merit badges, but the four-star football prospect didn't exactly have an abundance of free time in high school. But... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

The New Spirit of Scouting

The Norman Rockwell reprint set I wrote about in the last post is not the only Scouting print set I own. I also have The New Spirit Of Scouting  set featuring ten paintings of  Joseph Csatari. These prints are also 11″ x 17″ and are... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Toy Drive for Eagle Scout Project Benefits Children Battling Cancer

Zachary Fortuna knows all too well the struggles a young person faces when battling cancer. His little cousin, Chris, was diagnosed at age 4 with advanced-stage neuroblastoma, a cancer of the adrenal glands. Zachary noticed that whenever Chris, now... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

Tradition and Legacy

It seems that all of my life I have been a part of or surrounded by organizations that a rich in tradition and have left lasting marks on society, our country, and the people that are served by those organizations.  The Army is one of those... From The Scoutmaster Minute 1 week ago

Scouting Through the Eyes of…

A long time ago, in a galaxy… Oh wait, Let me start again. Way back in the 1980's, which is prehistory to today's Scouts, a young scoutmaster began collecting Scouting memorabilia. That collection continues to grow to this day, although not... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 1 week ago

Donn Fendler, Whose Scout Training Helped Him Survive 9 Days Lost in Maine as a Boy, Dies at 90

Donn Fendler, who says his Scout training and faith in God helped him survive nine days lost in the woods of Maine at age 12, died Monday. He was 90. Fendler's story, recounted in his 1978 book Lost on a Mountain in Maine , seems almost... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 week ago

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