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Themed Summer Camps for Scouts and Venturers

This summer, our troop and crew will be attending Catholic Adventure Week at Swift Base. This is just one of several themed camps offered by our council.  Our Boy Scout troop does this as a second week of summer camp, with the first being a... From Scouter Mom 1 hour ago

Qualified, Trained Leaders

We often talk about having all of our adult leaders trained.  When we speak of training we are talking about the basics.  Has the adult completed Youth Protection?  Attended their Basic Course for the specific position?  And according to the Boy... From The Scoutmaster Minute 2 hours ago

Because You Gave… of Your Heart, Your Wisdom, Your Time

Here's a bright-spot occasion to cheer up tax time in April.  NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAY on April 20 is when we get to say "Thank You" to the life-blood of BSA… the hard-working, endlessly dedicated volunteers who make Scouting happen for... From ScoutStuff Blog 2 hours ago

When Worlds Collide: What Are Scouts Seeing on Your Facebook Page?

Your boss views your tailgating photos on Instagram, your Facebook friends see you complaining about your job or your Scouts read your tweets in favor of a politician. You've just encountered context collapse. That's the phrase... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 3 hours ago

Issue 393 – April 15, 2014

________________________________________ Hi Andy, My son just crossed over into a pretty good troop. Based on my own experience as a Scout (my two highlights were being elected Senior Patrol Leader and making it to Eagle along with my two best... From Ask Andy 20 hours ago

BSA Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Scott sent in this question: My son is home schooled and has to do the requirement for second class 9a. The drug awareness part. do you have any suggestions on what he can do to meet this requirement? Any help would be great. Thanks Scott This is... From Scouter Mom 21 hours ago

Shackleton's Board of Review

Sir Ernest Shackleton's board of review for the rank of World Explorer assembled one evening and began reading over his application and supporting documentation. He earned all of his merit badges on Captain Scott's Antarctic Discovery Expedition in... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

2014 Fieldbook: Your Must-Have User's Guide to the Outdoors

Here's one owner's manual that's actually worth reading. It isn't for your car, smartphone or new camp stove. The 2014  Fieldbook is a user's guide for the entire outdoors, and it's a must-own for everyone who spends time outside. The... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 day ago

This Summer, Eagle Scouts Will Bicycle Across America to Prove a Point

It sounds like the trailer for a summer blockbuster: In a world saturated by television, smartphones and video games, one group of Scouts dares to step outside and show the world they still value the outdoors, exercise and self-discipline. But this... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 day ago

Glowstick Orienteering

In an earlier posting about a Scout Campout, I talked about Glowstick Orienteering.  I got a few requests via Twitter for more details. After a quick email to the Scoutmaster, he replied with this: "Basically there were 10 glowsticks that correspond... From Scouter Adam 1 day ago

Scout Dies

Life Scout and his grandfather are two victims in yesterday's Kansas City shootings. It was saddening to find out about the attacks, and even more so when another connection is found. One Scouter is assembling a package to help the family here , in... From Scoutmaster Musings 1 day ago

Scoutmaster Podcast 217 – Resolving Differences

Sponsored By Backers From time to time I receive email from Scouters who have some basic disagreement with the way the program is being presented in their unit. These disagreements aren't over things that endanger Scouts, the... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 day ago

Victim in Kansas City-Area Jewish Center Shooting Was a Life Scout

A senseless act of violence has taken a young Boy Scout from us too soon. Reat Griffin Underwood, a 14-year-old Life Scout who was working toward Eagle, was one of three victims in Sunday's shootings at Jewish community centers in Kansas. The... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 day ago

Eagle Palms and Merit Badges

Steve sent in this question about Eagle palms : In terms of earning Palms. Do MB's earned before getting Eagle count towards Palms? The wording on the BSA site is unclear to me. My oldest will be 15 in July and has to be in his PL position for... From Scouter Mom 2 days ago

Dreams and Decisions

I had a dream once. It was to make my Troop the perfect Scout Troop. I just joined Scouting and I was excited about the whole thing. I knew if I worked hard enough, I could become a leader and iron out all the wrinkles that I observed around me... From Scouting Rediscovered 2 days ago

B.P.'s Blog – Training Scouts

During his lifetime Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the worldwide Scouting movement, wrote many books and articles directed to Scouters. Each Sunday I'll publish a selection from his writings in the hope that you'll draw inspiration and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 2 days ago

Scouting Family Takes Pilgrimage to Baden-Powell's Grave in Kenya

Scoutmaster Jerry : Fantastic Trip.. Originally posted on Bryan on Scouting : Tracing the life of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell takes you not only to his birthplace in London but also to Kenya, where he spent the last few years of his life... From The Scoutmaster Minute 4 days ago

Native American History and Skills

Ernest Thompson-Seton founded his vision of Scouting on the lore of Native American life. I've devoted a great deal of time over the years to studying the Native American Peoples who once occupied Southeastern Pennsylvania where I live... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 4 days ago

BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan S – Tall Tales

BSA provides Bear den meeting ideas for den leaders on the website. These Cub Scout Bear den meeting plans are step by step guides to carrying out a den meeting. In addition to the basic den meeting plans, there are supplemental plans... From Scouter Mom 5 days ago

From the Mouths of Cubs

It's important to the sustainability of Scouting to continue to build membership from the youngest members of our organization, our Cub Scouts. It's exciting to watch parent volunteers also take part in Scouting for the first time and work with... From Chief's Corner 5 days ago

The Road

I can not remember where or who I heard this from, but I recalled a quote the other day that I thought was a good way of illustrating our job as Scout leaders and parents. "We are not building roads for our children, we are building children for... From The Scoutmaster Minute 5 days ago

Scouting Family Takes Pilgrimage to Baden-Powell's Grave in Kenya

Tracing the life of Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell takes you not only to his birthplace in London but also to Kenya, where he spent the last few years of his life. My recent trip to London and Gilwell Park , provenance of the Wood Badge... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 days ago

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