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Sewing on Scout Patches

I picked up a new centennial uniform shirt this summer and have only just now put together all the patches and started sewing them on. The new unit numbers and square knots have a slick plastic backing that looks a lot like it could be ironed on. I... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 9 years ago

100th Anniversary Ring Emblem

BSA Supply Group has announced this cool-looking 100th-anniversary emblem ($1.49) which is designed to encircle the world scout emblem on the official uniform. Link [ Via ] Posted in 100th Anniversary, CUB SCOUTS, Patches... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 9 years ago

BSA 100th Anniversary Emblem

You can now order this cool-looking 100th anniversary emblem ($2.99) from BSA Supply Group. Link Posted in 100th Anniversary, CUB SCOUTS, Patches... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 1 decade ago

Protect Yourself From Patch Theft at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

The 2013 National Scout Jamboree promises to be a Jamboree like never before. Yes, it will feature all the things you've come to expect, such as patch trading, SCUBA, arena shows, and Technology Quest; but there's more. describes it as... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 7 years ago

Patch Display

I came across on Facebook. It is "owned and operated in historic Chester County , Pennsylvania by individuals involved as both parents and leaders with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for over fifteen years." They construct... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 9 years ago

New Patch

The BSA just rolled out a new patch for the Centennial celebration.  I was down at the local Scout Shop and saw this new emblem.  I was surprised that I had not heard much about this even though I am a Scoutmaster for the National Jamboree... From The Scoutmaster Minute 9 years ago

Top 2010 Jamboree Patches (Revised)

2010 Jamboree Patches Now it's time for you to vote on which Jamboree Patch you think is the best! To cast your vote, leave a comment on our facebook page with the letter corresponding to the patch you think deserves the prize (patches are in... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 8 years ago

Approved Placement of the Commissioner Arrowhead Honor Emblem

According to the Fall / Winter 2008 edition of the The Commissioner , based on the new Boy Scout Centennial Uniform design, it has been approved for the Commissioner Arrowhead Honor emblem to be worn on the left sleeve of the Commissioner's uniform... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

Weird New Patches

Have you seen the new Leave No Trace Trainer and Webmaster leadership position patches? I mean actually looked at the real patch? Here's an image for another look, along with a standard patch. These are to be worn by scouts in these positions of... From Scoutmaster Musings 9 years ago


Beware of "Chang List" Patches ( What is a "Chang List" Patch? According to "They are counterfeits of U.S. CSPs, lodge flaps and other memorabilia being offered for sale through e-mail or on the internet.Offered... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 8 years ago

Win a Free Patch if You Can Name That Council: 50 Patches and Counting

Time flies when you're having fun. That explains why we've gone through 50 mystery councils in the blink of an eye. And with roughly 250 councils still to go, I don't plan on stopping any time soon. This week's patch, seen above, could be tricky,... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 8 years ago

National Jamboree Patches

A couple weeks ago I went onto eBay and had a bidding binge on various sets of 2001 National Jamboree council shoulder patches. It had been awhile since I worked on my collection and I thought it was time to add a few more patches to the... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 8 years ago

One Little Patch.. One Huge Movement

Prompted from discussion from my podcast with Mike Walton, the World Scout Crest Emblem raised more than an eye brow. Let me give you some background (I am not going to rehash the discussion from the podcast, you can listen to it using the link on... From The Scoutmaster Minute 9 years ago

More Patrol Emblem Choices

Hello fellow Scouters, At the end of our Bear year, we chose a Boy Scout patrol emblem for our Webelos den name. In our pack, the Webelos change from a den number to a den patrol name at the beginning of the Webelos program (I know some units do... From The Trainer's Corner Blog 1 decade ago

1969 National Scout Jamboree-Play the Game, Earn a Patch

The Jamboree in 1969 took place in Farragut State Park, Idaho and featured a popular Jamboree Wide Game. If a Scout successfully completed the game, they earned a strip with the "Building To Serve" logo that could be added to the bottom of the... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 9 years ago

Win a Free Patch if You Can Name That Council (Jan. 28, 2011)

The fleur-de-lis, an old-school plane, and some sort of insect. That's it for clues for this week's Name That Council. On Wednesday I asked you if you like tough Name That Council patches or prefer only easy ones. Most of you were up for a... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 8 years ago

Patch Blanket: More Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of thinking about patch blankets since the last blog post. In fact, I took out my two Scouting blankets over the weekend to see if they would work. I received both blankets as gifts, one from my sister for Christmas, the... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 8 years ago

2010 Scout Sunday Emblem

Here is the 2010 Scout Sunday participation patch ($1.99) available from BSA Supply Group.  This is a very nice-looking emblem featuring Joseph Csatari artwork . Link Posted in CUB SCOUTS, Faith, Patches... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 9 years ago

Ghost Stitching Custom Boy Scout Patches

"All emblems must contain a Boy Scouts of America corporate identifier: either, "BSA" without any periods, "Boy Scouts of America" or the BSA fleur-de-lis…" -From the Boy Scouts of America guidelines for Custom Patches and Emblems A common... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 7 years ago

1937 National Jamboree Patch

1937 Jamboree Patch (Real) On June 30th, 1937 The first National Jamboree was held in Washington, DC at the invitation of President Roosevelt. 536 Councils were represented at this important moment in the history of Scouting. The patch for the... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 9 years ago

How to Spot Fake Scouting Patches and Memorabilia

Think you can spot a fake? Fake patches and other phony Scouting memorabilia, that is. These items are Scouting's currency. You collect them, trade them, and pass them on to your children and grandchildren. And like any currency, people looking to... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Endeavour Delivers Payload of Boy Scout Patches

It's no longer breaking news that space shuttle Endeavour returned this morning this morning from a successful 15 day trip, delivering the final U.S. components for the International Space Station and taking its last flight. All in all, Endeavour... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 8 years ago

Family Camping Emblem

BSA Supply Group has quite a few embroidered achievement emblems available like this new family camping emblem . They are $1.29 each. Link Filed under: CUB SCOUTS , Patches... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 9 years ago

Patch Blanket or Wall?

I have collected a lot of patches during thirty years as a Boy Scout leader. The council shoulder patches are alphabetically arranged in a three ring binder. So are the Order of the Arrow lodge patches and the patches from the 2001 National... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 8 years ago

The First Patch Blanket

It is hard to believe that it is nearly three years since I first seriously began thinking of taking thirty years of patches from various Scouting events and sewing them on a blanket like so many Scouters have done. In the summer of 2012 I laid out... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 5 years ago

Patch Trading Frenzy Hits the Jambo

They're everywhere. In the shade. On a small piece of land. In front of tents. Coming in all shapes, sizes and ages, they form groups, sometimes hordes. Furious trading occurs. They are the jamboree patch traders. Many Scouts said they have been... From Leader's Guide to the 2010 Jamboree 8 years ago

Patch Be-Gone

I finally did it! On Wednesday, after thirty years of holding the position, and after one month of retiring from that position, I pulled the Scoutmaster patch off the left sleeve of my Boy Scout uniform. I have been wearing that patch since... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 7 years ago

1960 Scout Jamboree-the Boy Scout's Golden Year

The "Golden Jubilee" Year Jamboree Patch Colorado Springs was the location the Scouts chose to celebrate their 5th National Jamboree and part of their 50th "Golden Jubilee" Anniversary. For this reason, the Jamboree was moved up a year. A... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 9 years ago

Framed, Oversized Custom Patches Make a Great Special Gift

Need a unique holiday gift for the Scout in your life, or want a special way to commemorate a Scouting achievement, like a Scout achieving Eagle status? Framing a large Scout patch can be an artistic and memorable way to show support for Scouting... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 8 years ago

Jamboree Patches

The National Scout Jamboree is a gathering, held every four years, of thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America. The event is organized by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Referred to as "the Jamboree", "Jambo", or NSJ, it... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 9 years ago

2009 Police Station Emblem

BSA Supply Group has available this new 2009 police station visit participation patch ($1.19). This could be a neat way to encourage boys to attend your den or pack's police station field trip . Link Posted in CUB SCOUTS, Field Trips, Patches... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 9 years ago

2017 National Jamboree Subcamps Will Be Named After National Parks (With Patches to Match)

It's the National Park Service's 100th birthday, but you get the gift. 2017 National Jamboree leaders this week announced the creation of 22 special subcamp patches, each celebrating a different national park. As first reported on the Summit... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 2 years ago

The Life of an Embroidered Patch

Click here for full size view... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 9 years ago

Hip Patrol Patches

If scouts in your troop or Webelos den are tired of the same old choices in official BSA patrol emblems, have them take a peak at patrol emblems where they may find something new and fun. Maybe the BSA will regain some of the market... From Scoutmaster Musings 4 years ago

Patch Trading

One of the fun traditions of Scouting is patch trading. I have been acquiring patches now since about 1978. I would like to say that I have a ton of patches, but I really don't. You see, I did like most Scouts and Scouters do and did, I got a patch... From The Scoutmaster Minute 4 years ago

New Patch-Trading App, Official Seal Answer Question: 'Is It Authentic?'

"No, dude, I swear," a Scout said. "There were only 500 of these patches ever made." I heard similar claims all throughout the patch trading bazaar that has cropped up under the overhangs at the still-to-be-completed Scott Visitor Center at the... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 years ago

One More Reason You Should Attend NOAC in 2012

Are you attending NOAC this year? If you're currently a Scout, this is the time! 2012 hosts the first NOAC in three years, and in order to coincide with the 100 th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, the next NOAC will not take place for another... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 6 years ago

2015 NOAC Patches: Part 4

To tell the truth, when I wrote about this year's Naguonabe Lodge's National Order of the Arrow patch sets last June and July I thought the three part article would be all there would be to write. Surprise! This last month the lodge came out with... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 3 years ago

Should an Adult Trade Patches With a Scout?

Scouts trade with Scouts; adults trade with adults. Along with "trade one for one," "always shake hands," and "don't bring money into a deal," it's one of the central tenets of patch trading. But does that age-old rule still make sense? Or should... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 6 years ago

Enter Our Jamboree Patch Contest

Do you have the best patch at the Jamboree? Prove it by entering the Leaders' Update jamboree patch contest. Leaders from the winning troop will receive four Chief Scout Executive patches signed by Bob Mazzuca and a set of Leaders' Update staff... From Leader's Guide to the 2010 Jamboree 8 years ago

2015 NOAC Patches, Part 3

You were given a preview of the trader's two patch set in May. Yesterday I wrote a post about the participant's set. But did you know there is one more option available for the Naguonabe Lodge members who will be participating in this year's... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 4 years ago

Tuesday Talkback: How to Pick an Unforgettable Patrol Name

The Mustache patrol of Troop 242 has it figured out. They've found a patrol name that's Scout-created, clever and a little bit wacky. With a name that great, it doesn't matter that nobody in the Mustache patrol has his own mustache. The Mustache... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 5 years ago

Swedish Contingent Patch Mystery

Ulf Hoglind, of Sweden, started receiving patches in a plastic bag at the 1993 National Scout Jamboree. Left by an anonymous donor, they were old patches from 1953, 1957, and 1961.  The note just said, "This is for the Swede." At the 2001 jamboree,... From Leader's Guide to the 2010 Jamboree 8 years ago

New York Council Patch Serves as a Nice Tribute to Sept. 11

OK, this is really nice. The Greater New York Councils created the special-edition council shoulder patch seen above to commemorate the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The patch, called "A Tribute in Light," depicts the real-life Sept. 11 memorial... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

"Miles Hiked" Patches

In a hiking program such as the Three Fires Council Hiking Program , each Cub Scout's miles hiked on den or pack hikes are tracked, and recognition is presented at certain milestones. In our pack, we have been keeping track of our Cubs' miles hiked... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 1 decade ago

2015 NOAC Patches

The Naguonabe Lodge of the Central Minnesota Council began handing out patches to its members that are attending the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conclave during this weekend's spring conclave. Once again, it will be a two patch set, but unlike... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 4 years ago

Liftoff! BSA Patches Catch a Ride on Space Shuttle Discovery

Continuing its long relationship with Scouting, NASA today announced that four Boy Scouts of America patches were launched into space on Discovery's STS-131 mission. Four Year of Celebration patches (seen at left) are on board as the space... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 9 years ago

2013 National Jamboree â€" Totem Pole Patch Set!

This day of 2013 National Jamboree coverage comes to you direct from the ClassB booths in Summit Center, the heart of all the Jamboree excitement! We are honored to have the opportunity to exhibit and to set up some super fun booths. One includes... From Official ClassB Blog 5 years ago

Custom Neckerchiefs and Patches

We recently ordered new custom neckerchiefs and patches for our Troop and Crew, and I wanted to share two sources that I can highly recommend to Scouters looking for custom neckerchiefs or patches. (Please note that  these companies are not... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 4 years ago

BSA Patches on Space Shuttle

BSA Press Release Contact: Julie Bulthaus 314-982-8779 314-920-8004 (cell) [email protected] Scouting's Centennial is Out of This World-Literally! Boy Scouts of America's 100th Anniversary Year of Celebration Patches Head to International... From U.S. Scouting Service Project 9 years ago

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